Here at Lost At Sea we are serious about our beer, really serious. But we also believe that what makes our beer special are the people that make it and the lifestyles we lead. It was this desire to lead a less ordinary life which started us on this voyage and one we hope will last a lifetime.
Living and working on the rugged North Wales, Peninsula allows us to enjoy a pretty special way of life...
From surfing the September swells or drinking in the brewery bar on a Friday afternoon to walking the coast path on a wild winter morning with the dogs.
Combine that with the fact that we get to make something we truly love everyday means we are a pretty happy bunch. Beer has a massive part to play in our lives; we spend more time making it, researching it and drinking it than we do anything else.
We strive to make better beer, drink better beer and live a better life.
If you’re one of life’s adventurers and would like to join our crew, please drop us a line.