We can
We care

Better for nature
Aluminium cans are one of the most sustainable forms of packaging around. They’re energy-efficient to manufacture, fuel-efficient to transport and super-simple to recycle – all of which reduce our carbon footprint and mean you can feel good about enjoying our great beer.
Better for adventures
Our philosophy is all about going further – and when you’re busy taking things to the next level you don’t want breakable glass in your bag. Shatterproof, stackable and easily packed, our super-practical cans go where other packaging can’t – just throw a four-pack into your backpack and go.
Better for life
In our opinion there are few moments in life not improved by a good beer. From forming friendships to celebrating success, Lost at Sea is the perfect accompaniment to life’s amazing moments, with a flavour that’s as refreshing as a cool sea breeze on a sweltering summer day.
The avergae aluminium can is made from 58% total recycled content
Aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable
Cans go from the recycling bin to store shelves within 60 days
Cans stay colder for longer, keeping the water cool and fresh
Cans pack tighter making them more efficient to transport