Meet ADMT aka Adam Taylor, the 25-year-old rising singer-songwriter from Doncaster.

Having got through a challenging upbringing, his songs encourage you to stand up, be proud of who you are and believe in your dreams.

He’s had three official releases to date, but ADMT’s uplifting new sound is quickly gaining momentum. And with a wealth of chart-threatening music to come, buoyed by a growing fanbase from his captivating live performances, there’s no telling how far ADMT could go from here.

Now you’ve had the heads up, don’t let this inspiring new talent pass you by.


What’s your best memory from the coast? 

My best memory of the coast was quite recently actually. I filmed a short video of me singing in Hornsea, got up at dick head o’clock, watched the sunrise, made bacon sarnies on the beach... was a serious vibe. 

You can collaborate with anyone, who are you going for?

Stevie wonder is a goat. Definitely him. But there are so many people I look upto and would love to work with I couldn’t name them all. Don’t think you’d have time to listen… 

Hard to answer we know, but what’s your favourite LAS beer? 

Haha. Has to be the Pilsner! It's dope so thanks for the continuous supply, keep it coming please.

Finally, first pub you’ll be visiting after lockdown… and can we join you?

Haha honesty the closest boozer to me at the time lockdown is lifted. I don’t care where as long as it’s with good people I’m happy... and yeah, you’re always invited!

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