Shares For Shipmates

A beer brand for a new generation of beer lovers inspired by the British coast. We’re looking to expand the brand and business across the UK. To do so, we’re seeking funds to increase production and assemble a crew to drive product innovation, sales and continue our charitable work with the RNLI.

Inspired by our grandfather’s tales of life as a seaside evacuee & Britain’s proud seafaring heritage, we started an independent lifestyle beer brand as a salute to life’s adventurers.

Since our first brew in 2019, things have moved fast! We’ve been blown away by the uptake in our beer & we’ve seen substantial growth in demand, which is why we now provide kegs to our flagship stockist to ensure they have a constant flow of stock.

We’ve shipped over 26,000 cans, have over 50+ stockists UK wide & an award winning website. We’ve achieved this by creating a distinct and conscious brand that doesn’t stop at making great beers for great people. We donate 5p from every beer sold to help the RNLI save lives at sea.

Building on this, with ambitious plans, we’re seeking new shipmates.

With your investment, we plan to:

1. Build a community of like-minded beer lovers with a shared passion for quality, togetherness and business done the right way.

2. Launch a flagship bar in Abersoch, North Wales and become true advocates for local produce and sustainability – creating a scalable bar concept for future expansion in other coastal towns.

3. Assemble some of the industry’s best talent to help us keep driving product innovation and sales.

We’ve studied the charts, set our bearing and are calling ‘all hands on deck’!

Don’t miss the boat. Join the crew. Invest in Lost at Sea.

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